The University of Khartoum Energy Research Center (ERC) is an interdisciplinary center meant to advance the frontiers of energy science and technology in Sudan and the Region.
The ERC concentrates on energy issues most pressing for the development of rural and urban populations in and around Sudan.    
Being the undisputed base for human life betterment, energy needs a sound scientific approach and a strong support structure. Specifying priorities of energy in different sectors helps establishing the base for all other development fields.    

Our Mission     
- Select and develop efficient and sustainable energy technologies and practices.
- Raise public awareness about energy and adequate technologies.    
- Provide supportive information to decision makers and business sectors on energy options and feasibilities.    

- Place the University of Khartoum as a leading institute for energy and energy sustainability in Africa by concentrating on relevant energy issues.    
- Promote integrated interdisciplinary energy research programs
- Disseminate energy know-how to the wider rural population.    
- Promote transfer of research results into marketable products.    

Fields of Interest    
The research fields of priority for the Energy Research Center comprise renewable and conventional energy topics.    
The emphasis for renewables is on
- Solar PV systems, particularly PV pumping and day-time power supply
- Wind Pumping, with theoretical interest in system optimization.
- Energy conservation issues, including space cooling and vehicle cooling
- Oil & Gas pipeline Pumping and Hydraulics with particular emphasis on waxy crude transportation.
- Dust, as a regional problem affecting numerous energy and environmental aspects.